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CIT325: Lab 1 Instructions

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Lab #1: Oracle Assignment

After you copy and start the Fedora image, you need to log into the instance as the student user. Login as the student user, as shown in the following screen shots:

  1. [2 points] Open and learn the basics of using the Fedora Gnome interface:

After you launch the Terminal, you can do the following steps as the student user. If you expand the Instruction Details, you can see the individual subtasks:

  1. [2 points] Navigate to the lab1 directory from the student home directory:

  1. [2 points] Connect to sqlplus as the student user:

  1. [2 points] Run the apply_oracle_lab1.sql script, which runs three scripts: (a) the cleanup_oracle.sql script, (b) the create_oracle_store.sql script, and (c) the seed_oracle_store.sql script.

  1. [2 points] Query the data dictionary to find the tables created by the create_oracle_store.sql script.:

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