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CIT325: Lab 12 Instructions

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Lab #12: Oracle Assignment


The lab is designed to teach you how to work with Oracle’s Dynamic SQL (NDS). NDS allows you to write PL/SQL blocks that dynamically generate other SQL statements or PL/SQL blocks.

  • Learn how to create and run a dynamically generated SQL statement.
  • Learn how to create and run a function that returns a result from a dynamically generated SQL statement.
  • Learn how to work with bind variables.

Help Section

The following is an set of sample programs and steps that address concepts in the lab. The instructor should review these in classroom or in a Google Hangout with students. Click the Instructional Material link to see the preparation lesson material.

Students may want or need supplemental articles that let them review tips and techniques. The following is a function that checks for valid dates inside strings. You should run this type of check after you rule out a number and alphanumeric string.

There are four elements to this lab. It requires you to create:

  • An item_obj object type
  • An item_tab collection type
  • An item_list function

It is important that you develop each piece sequentially. You should also test each piece of the code as you develop them.

Lab Description

  1. [25 points] Create the item_obj object type, a item_tab collection object type, and item_list function.

    The sections cover the detailed tasks of the lab:

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