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CIT325: Lab 2.2 Instructions

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Lab #2.2: Oracle Assignment


The lab is designed to teach you how to write anonymous block PL/SQL programs that evaluate and correct where possible input parameters. It specifically achieves these objectives:

  • Learn how to create basic anonymous block PL/SQL programs.
  • Learn how to assign substitution variables to an anonymous block PL/SQL program.
  • Learn how to write an if-then-elsif-else block.
  • Learn how to print output from a PL/SQL program to the console or external log file.
  • Learn how to run anonymous block PL/SQL programs interactively in SQL*Plus environment.
  • Learn how to run anonymous block PL/SQL program files from the operating system.Learn how to use Oracle’s SQL built-in functions, like SUBSTR and LENGTH.
  • Learn how to manage evaluate and correct variable length inputs that violate the size parameters of the program.
  • Learn how to build effective test cases to evaluate PL/SQL programming.

Business Scenario

Application development involves writing and testing software. As a rule, many software developers begin their careers in quality and assurance. After running unit tests, many developers learn how to automate their program testing.

The lab is designed to teach you how to write a small PL/SQL program, a SQL test case, and then automate the SQL test case with Bash shell scripting. As a rule, organizing file permissions is the largest problem with this type of automation test.

Help Section

The following is an set of sample programs and steps that address concepts in the lab. The instructor should review these in classroom or in a Google Hangout with students. Click the Instructional Material link to see the preparation lesson material.

Students may want or need supplemental articles that let them review tips and techniques. The following is brief list of web articles that may help complete this lab.

The lab has two parts the description of the problem to solve and the test case that helps the student evaluate whether they’ve solved the problem.

Lab Description

[15 points] Click the Lab Instructions link to open the instructions inside the current webpage.

Test Case

Click the Test Case Instructions link to open the test case instructions inside the current webpage.

Click the Test Case Automation link to open the instructions on how to create an automated series of test cases that write to a single log file.

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