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CIT325: Lab 5 Instructions

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Lab #5: Oracle Assignment


The lab is designed to teach you how to work with cursor loops, SQL collections, and an UPDATE statement in a range for loop. The anonymous block PL/SQL program should achieve these objectives:

  • Learn how to instantiate an empty collection.
  • Learn how to extend memory space in a collection one element at a time.
  • Learn how to assign values to a composite data type inside a collection.
  • Learn how to use the values of a composite data type to set values and filter values in a WHERE clause.

Business Scenario

Application development involves writing and testing software. After you master basic programming structures, iteration, and collection, you begin writing programs that work with data from relational databases.

The lab is designed to teach you how to write a small PL/SQL program that teaches you how to work with cursors that read data from the database. You will write a small parameterized cursor program in the lab.

Help Section

The following is an set of sample programs and steps that address concepts in the lab. The instructor should review these in classroom or in a Google Hangout with students. Click the Instructional Material link to see the preparation lesson material.

Students may want or need supplemental articles that let them review tips and techniques. The following is a function that checks for valid dates inside strings. You should run this type of check after you rule out a number and alphanumeric string.

The lab has one part.

Lab Description

[25 points] Click the Lab Instructions link to open the instructions inside the current webpage.

Test Case

Click the Test Case Instructions link to open the test case instructions inside the current webpage.

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