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Exam #2 : Review Notes

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Quiz Disclaimer

The quizzes are linked to the material covered during the lesson. They typically have 10 questions that are valued at 3 points each, and occasionally extra credit questions. Extra credit questions are most frequently vocabulary from the reading and not announced in the review notes. Extra credit points are added to the points earned on the subject matter up to but not exceeding the total points available on the quiz.

Quiz #2

This is an atypical quiz and it contains 9 questions. Three questions are worth 3 points each, and one is worth 6 points. You should be prepared to explain concepts like but not necessarily limited to these:

  • Know how to describe and define primary and foreign key columns.
  • Know how to read and validate CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE DDL statements in Oracle and MySQL SQL syntax.
  • Know the acronyms, like DML (Data Manipulation Language), et cetera.
  • Know the difference between various DDL and DML commands.
  • Know the different types of database constraints in Oracle and MySQL databases.
  • Know how to describe, compare, and contrast ordinary and compound (composite) column constraints.
  • Know the rationale, approach, and syntax of in-line and out-of-line constraints in Oracle and MySQL SQL syntax.

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