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Lesson #4: Inserting Data

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Inserting data is very important because without it database management systems wouldn’t be worth much. While inserting data isn’t complex, many developers learn one pattern and stick with it exclusively because it works. The intent of this lesson is to explain how and why the INSERT statement works. It shows you how to insert one or more rows in a database by using positional and named notation. These methods work whether or not you’ve implemented referential integrity in your model (through foreign key constraints).

The summaries for the lesson components are:

    Insertion Signatures
    Learn what are the default and overriding signatures, and how to implement them in the supported SQL dialects.
    INSERT Statement
    Learn the ways you can write single and multiple row INSERT statements for the supported SQL dialects.
    Automatic Numbering
    Learn how to use sequences for surrogate keys by SQL dialect.
    Transaction Management
    Learn how to use stored procedures to manage transactions across multiple DML statements in Oracle and MySQL.
    Scalar Subqueries
    Learn about scalar subqueries and how to use them to automate primary key lookup values by using an external table’s natural key.

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