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Exam #3 : Review Notes

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Quiz Disclaimer

The quizzes are linked to the material covered during the lesson. They typically have 10 questions that are valued at 3 points each, and occasionally extra credit questions. Extra credit questions are most frequently vocabulary from the reading and not announced in the review notes. Extra credit points are added to the points earned on the subject matter up to but not exceeding the total points available on the quiz.

Quiz #3

This is not a typical quiz but it contains 10 questions. Two questions measure your ability to annotate a UML drawing. Eight questions are worth 3 points each and answered by short essay. You should be prepared to explain concepts like but not necessarily limited to these:

  • Know how to annotate cardinality in a UML static class diagram where the classes represent database tables with or without foreign key constraints.
  • Know the difference between transactional and non-transactional databases.
  • Know how constraints impact DML statements.
  • Know how and why natural and surrogate keys become candidate keys.
  • Know how and why primary keys are picked from candidate keys.
  • Know how cardinality applies to column data types, and how to represent column cardinality in UML.
  • Know how to work with CHECK constraints in Oracle, and both the ENUM and SET data types in MySQL.

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