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Exam #6 : Review Notes

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Quiz Disclaimer

The quizzes are linked to the material covered during the lesson. They typically have 10 questions that are valued at 3 points each, and occasionally extra credit questions. Extra credit questions are most frequently vocabulary from the reading and not announced in the review notes. Extra credit points are added to the points earned on the subject matter up to but not exceeding the total points available on the quiz.

Quiz #6

This is not a typical quiz because it contains 4 questions that are worth 5 points each and 10 questions worth 3 points each. The four questions involve SQL statements from the lab, and the concept of normalization of the COMMON_LOOKUP table. Three of the questions provide a query, you get 2 points for knowing whether or not it runs or fails, and three points for explaining why it fails or what it does when it runs successfully. The other 10 questions are answered by short essay as done on typical quizzes. You should be prepared to explain concepts like but not necessarily limited to these:

  • Know how explain various joins, like the CROSS, INNER, NATURAL, LEFT OUTER, RIGHT OUTER, and FULL OUTER joins, including self-joins.
  • Know how the syntax and differences of equijoins and non-equijoins.
  • Know how the syntax and characteristics of set operators work.
  • Know the syntactical differences between ANSI SQL:89 and ANSI SQL:92 syntax surrounding join operations (as mentioned above in a prior point).
  • Know the syntax and how to use lookup operators.
  • Know and understand the differences between Oracle’s DECODE statement and MySQL’s IF statement.
  • Know and understand the rules governing the CASE statement.
  • Know and understand how to use an INSERT statement that uses a subquery that returns either a single or multiple row subquery.
  • Know what an anti-join is, and how to describe it, as well as resolve it.

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